Solar Energy Portable Power Model-WWE

Outdoor Applicatlon: used for outdoor works, perfect for household storage power supply.
Safety Warranty: Large capacity LiFePO4 Lithium battery for higher power equipment.
AC+DC Output lnterface: used for household appliances, vehicles, smart phones, laptops, and other devices of USB/5V
Comprehensive Indication: Online monitoring of working parameters.LCD screen displayed as battery power, output wattage/voltage, AC output/input/voltage/frequency, working mode.

Meet different demands of outdoor electricity.Equipped with Bluetooth wireless interface, speaker, lighting, satellite positioning, compass,SOS emergency call (sound and light), vehicle power loss rescue, etc.
Flexible Charging ModeSupport solar charging, vehicle charging and power grid charging.
Intelligent Algorithm
Support AC output, DC TYPE-A, TYPE-C, moblle phone fast charging and wireless charging.
Safe and Reliable
Large capacity LiFePO4 Lithium battery, LCD display screen

Model WEE-800 WEE-1200 WEE-1500 WEE-3000
System Performance
Output power 800W                 1000W             1500w             3000w
Battery capacity 600WH                1000WH            1500WH            2500WH
System voltage                      12V                     24V
AC charging time 4H         6H            7H       90min
Vehicle charging time 3H              5H          8H               13H
Solar energy charging time 6H             5H          5H               4H
Solar enengy plate 100w        200W       300W        300w*2PCS
Complementary of Electric Supply VES
Communication protocol WIFI/4G/GPRS(optional)
Display SOC indicator,LED display screen
Portable methods Hand hold,single shoulder hold,two hands hold. Wall-mounted,floor mounted,Pitman style
Output data
AC Rated power 800W       1000W       1500W        3000W
AC Rated power 1600w      2000W       2400W        6000W
AC Rated voltage AC220V ±10%
Ac Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC Max efficiency 93%
Dormant power      9w       9W       22W
ACoutput port 3PCS
Lighting 5WLED
USB T+M09pd xeu-esn/E+VZ-esn
DC output 12V10A*2
Wireless charging 5V3A*1
Output port of vehicle changing 12V15A*1
Input data
AC voltage 170-250VAC
Frequency range 50Hz/60Hz
Charging port of solar enengy (MOOOTXW)T.ASTT-0E
12VDC changing port 15A*1(MAX180W)
Ac220 charging port 120w*1 120w*1 200w*1 MAX1500W*1
AC220 charging port of charging station MAX1500W*1
Spec(L*w*H) 360*300*450 (Janen Toxa) oss.OEE.OEt
Weight 12KG       15KG         21KG        35KG
Working temperature “-5℃  ~ + 50℃
Max altitude 4000M  above 2000M
Installation environment Indoor(outdoor with waterproof)
Relatively humidity 5%-95%
Cooling way Positive cooling
Protection rate IP54
Protection switch Electricity leakage/over-load/isolation
Electricity core LiFePO4
DOD 2000 times of circulation/80%
Warranty 2years


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