3-10KW Distributed Energy Storage System

Module Design:
Module designstacked installation, simple design, and integration of modern home.

Safe and Reliable:
Intelligentaircoolinglowtemperature rise,long service life, multiple protection functions

Intelligent Switching:
Offgrid operation, supportemergency power supply, support three-phase imbalance, seamless switching

Smart and Friendly:
Support GPRS/WIFI/RS485, LCD design and remote monitoring.

Wide Voltage Range:
Ultra wide PV voltage 90V-450V, battery voltage 48V.

Efficient Power Generation:
Lessload at high temperature. efficient powergeneration. and DC over distribution capacity up to 1.3 times.

Model COO-3K COO-5K COO-10K
System Performance
Output power 2.4KW                  5kW               8KW
Battery capacity 5KWH                   10KWH            20KWH
Battery modules 1                    2                3
System voltage  48VDC
py Max power 5KW                 5KW               10KW
Battery charger power 1.5KW               3KW                6KW
Max charging power 1.2KW               2.5KW             5KW
Max charging current 25A                  50A               75A
Display  SOC indicator, LED display screen
Software  EMS+BMS
Communication  CAN232+WIFI/GPS/4G
Extensibility  Custom
Output data (AC)
Rated power 2.4KW                5KW             10KW
Surge power 6KVA                 10KVA           20KVA
Rated voltage  230V
Max output current 12A                  23A              45A
Rated frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Max efficiency  93%
Input data(PV)
PV input voltage  90-450VDC
Max PV input current  80A        150A  (75A*2-circuit)
PV input circuit 1-circuit         2-circuit
MPPT charging voltage  48VDC
Max efficiency  98%
Input data(AC)
Optional voltage 170-280VAC              220/380VAC
Frequency range  50Hz/60Hz
Spec(L*W*H)  650*240*1010        650*240*470           650*240*1930
Weight (incl all)  65KG                 105KG                 158KG
Power    module(L*W*H)  650*240*430
Power module Weight 20KG           33KG
Battery module (L*W*H)  650*240*460
Foot   washer(L*W*H)/W  650*240*120  /5KG
Battery module Weight  40KG
Installation way  Floor mounted
Working temperature  -5℃~+50℃
Max altitude  4000M     above 2000M
Installation environment  Indoor(outdoor with waterproof)
Relatively humidity  5%-   95%
Cooling way  Positive cooling
Protection rate  IP54
Protection switch  AC output/ ACinput/ PVinput(electricity leakage/over-load/isolation)
Electricity core  LiFePO4
DOD  6000 times of circulation/80%
Warranty  5 years
Certificates  CE.COG, SENCAP,ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3


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